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I know I'm not crazy, I just lost my will

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Naruto_Minamino's writing journal
hello i love you;;
About the name burning_sunshine
My good friend is writing a book. I look forward to this book (like everyone should) and when she finally decided on something that was good enough to be a title, she told me about it. I decided that I should make an account with the name before some teen fan (when she becomes famous) did. Aren't I clever? XD

Most of the fiction here is fanfiction, but some of it is original fiction. I have serious posting/email anxiety, like it'll take me a good thirty minutes of convincing myself that something is perfect before I post it here. It also takes me a good hour and a half before I go back and read over it to make sure that there aren't any mistakes. I beta everything myself, so if mistakes are found here, they're mine.

If it's a fanfic, btw - I don't own it or it's characters. I'm just borrowing them so I can write about them and their problems. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Same goes with song lyrics. I tend to write (though they're crappy and I really shouldn't) songfics. All lyrics belong to their respective owners. I'm just borrowing them and interpreting them (badly).

Read, enjoy, and comment if you wish. Add me as a friend if you want over at my main journal. It doesn't matter. I'm pretty open minded and a pretty peaceful person.

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